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WHO IS Saurabh?

Before working with me, you may think about whether I am able to solve your problem or not


Well, I'm going to tell you a little bit about my past.


I have the best Digital Marketing and website development Agency in Bokaro Steel City. I helped many companies to move forward and become online in this hectic and chaotic world.


My Name is Saurabh Kumar, I'm the founder and CEO of Saurabh Kumar Srivastava Digital. I'm a professional programmer, Digital Marketer, and a Website Developer. I'm 21 and I helped many companies and small business owners to become visible in this online world and get more sales and revenue.


I created my first blog about Website development where I used to share codes and teaches people about website development. I regularly post awesome content but get no traffic.



On that time, I thought it was the problem of my Blog. So, after one month, I deleted that blog and create another one. In my second site, I posted my content twice a day. But the Problem remains the same.


And on that time, instead of hiring a Digital Marketer, I decided to learn marketing too. And I learned some SEO tactics that actually work. I have not just learned SEO but I applied on some WordPress site which shows my traffic increases by 74X in a year without spending a single dollar on advertising.


If you want to get in touch with me and my team, you can follow us on social media. Here are our social media links.


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If you need any kind of help in Digital Marketing, you can contact us on social media. We love to help others.

Here is the list of services I provide. Please check it out.  Else, you can visit our home page also. If you want to create a WordPress website with a professional look then you can check this page for the exciting offer. You can also check the members of our Digital Marketing community from here.

Saurabh Kumar Srivastava