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12 Proven ways to increase social media followers

Updated: May 20

Are you struggling to grow your social media followers? Building a loyal audience on social media can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and mindset, you can increase your followers and engagement.

In this post, I will share some effective tips and tricks that can help you increase your social media followers and enhance your online presence.

Whether you're a blogger, small business owner, or influencer, these strategies will help you attract more followers and boost your online visibility.

increase social followers

So let's dive into some actionable tips that you can implement today to increase your social media followers.

Table of contents

  1. Be consistent

  2. Write Better captions and description

  3. Use videos for better engagement

  4. Use shorts

  5. Use hashtags

  6. Reply to every comment

  7. Use message bots

  8. Being too salesy can hurt your sales

  9. Comment on your competitor's post

  10. Create a Facebook group

  11. Use emotions and emotional

  12. Use A/B testing

  13. Conclusion

Be Consistent if you want to increase social media followers

be consistent

You have to be consistent if you want to increase your followers. You have made the timing of your post. If you post on social media 5 times a day, make sure that your time of posting is fixed.

I have checked that the social pages with consistent posting get more likes and follows. You know, if your content is good and you are consistent, then you can increase your followers by 11%.

This is a very simple tip. You can also use the feature of scheduled posts[Not for all social media channels] if you have a time management problem.

Well, Being consistent is also very easy and this is 1st in our list of 11 ways to increase social followers for free. So, make sure that you are consistent if you want to increase your social followers.

Write Better captions and descriptions to increase social media followers

Your caption and description are 40% of your post. So make sure that you write it properly. Your headline has to be more appealing. Some people spend too much time and effort creating content, but they didn’t think about headlines.

If you are sharing a link on Facebook and google+, then make sure that you will write a more appealing caption. With an appeal, your description or caption needs to be more curious too.

For example, if you are sharing a link or video on Facebook, your caption needs to be 60 words in 2 Paragraphs. For example, Instead of sharing a post like – 22 ways to make money online, you can write like this: 22 Ways to make money online, #5 will shock you.

What do you think? Is this curious or not? Obviously yes, this type of caption adds a click magnet. As I mentioned above, a better Facebook caption is an average of 60 words, Similarly, a better Google+ and Instagram description need to be an average of 70 and 300 words respectively. Use short but sweet and to-the-point descriptions for Twitter

Use Videos for better engagement

Videos are the best type of post when it comes to engaging your audiences. You have to create a video if you want to engage your audience. Don’t copy others’ videos and upload them on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Well, this tip works only when you have great content on video. And wait, I’m not telling you about purchasing premium software and Camera and all stuff like that, I am telling you about producing a video with amazing content. Your content needs to be amazing and to the point.

Don’t use too long intro and closing. Your video needs to be short, simple and sweet, and to the point. Use 2-5 minute videos for Facebook and 30-45 second videos for Instagram.

This is my 3rd point of 11 ways to grow your social media followers. It is important to note that in every video, you have to tell your visitor to subscribe to your channel and follow you on another social channel.

Videos are the best type of post if you want to engage your audiences.

Don’t forget to use shorts to increase followers

It doesn’t matter whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, or even Youtube, Shorts are gaining popularity nowadays. People want to save time and gain more and more knowledge. Short videos are best for it. Try to make a video of less than 1 minute.

This will definitely help you to increase your social media followers.

Use Hashtags

use hashtags to increase social followers

Use hashtags if you want to increase your visitors when you have even 0 followers. If you have better content and you are using hashtags too, then you can increase your followers from scratch.

But there are some tricks to using tags. As I mentioned above, You have to choose a topic to reach the right audience. Hashtags will also help you to reach the right audiences.

There are some number limits, that you can use to get the best result. If you are using Facebook, then you have to use 6-8 hashtags. Similarly, if you are using Instagram and Google+, you can use 5-10 and 4-8 hashtags respectively.

After the long description, you can use hashtags to reach the right audiences and show them what he is going to get and don’t use non-relevant hashtags. Make sure that your hashtag is to the point.

Reply to every comment

You have to reply to every comment if you want to grow your audience. Replying to every people results in getting more followers.

By replying to every comment either on your blog post or on your social media channels, people think that you care about them. Make your visitors feel special.

If you are doing so, you are promoting yourself. And one more thing, don’t always try to promote and sell your product in each and every comment. Don’t be too salesy, try to help other people.

Sometimes, Replying to every comment can help you to grow your social followers 26 times faster.

Use message bots to increase social media followers

You can use the message bots for Facebook and Instagram. You can use tools like Mobile Monkey for the Facebook messenger bot and Direct heroes for the Instagram message bot.

But before using a bot, you have to analyze what is the common question of Your visitor and you have to set the default answer in such a way that you can answer to default question.

Don’t always send messages in a promotional way. Ask your visitors once a week what are the problem they are facing and something like that. Try to interact with your audience.

Sometimes asking your visitor what problem they are facing can even make you popular through word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way of marketing and you can do it by helping people.

Being too salesy can hurt your sales

It is important to note that being too salesy can hurt your sales. People hate to be sold but people love to be helped. Try to help people.

I am not asking you to don’t share your blog page link or affiliate link, but don’t share it everywhere. First of all, try to convince people and show them why that product or your product is beneficial for them. Then share the link.

Sometimes, you have to share the link to other products if they are helpful for your visitors. This makes your followers think that you are helping them and your competitors also think that you are promoting them. So there may be a chance that your competitors with more followers than you can share your post.

This is also a great way to increase social followers for free.

Comment on your competitor's post

If you are new and want people to know you, then make sure that you are commenting on your competitor’s post.

The best part of social media is it’s free. And the second-best part about social media is your competitors are there also on social media. So Why not use them to increase your social followers?

But don’t use bad words in comments like “I am/we are better than you” or anything like that. Just appreciate them and you can also reply to those people who want something that was not on their post but in your post.

In this way, your competitors can help you to increase your social followers.

Create a Facebook group

create a facebook group to increase followers

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the best place to gain followers or go viral. Sometimes, a Facebook group converts better than a Facebook page if you don’t have large followers.

So you have to create a Facebook group and Merge it with your Facebook page to increase Facebook page followers. Creating only a group is not enough, you have to post regularly and reply to other people’s comments.

One thing that I found is Closed group creates more engagement. So make your group closed. Allow people to answer some questions related to your field.

Finally, don’t approve all posts, approve only those posts which are related to your field, and don’t approve links from the nonrelevant topic. And posting directly from your page to the group increase more Facebook followers.

As told you, don’t be too salesy. Post some relevant jokes about your industry, and post regular updates related to your industry. If you are doing that, you can increase your Facebook followers very easily.

Use emotions and emotional words to skyrocket your followers

Don’t write boring content or produce boring videos. Sometimes, Producing good emotional content can also help you to gain more social followers.

You can write in a conversational tone using “You and I”, and you can use emotional words like free, focus, the truth about, powerful, limited, and more.

People hate boring stuff but like emotional content. So whatever content you are writing, make sure that you add some spice to that content to skyrocket your social followers.

Using emotions in your content can increase social followers by 7.2% faster.

Use A/B testing to analyze social media followers' growth

It is better to use A/B testing to check which type of post or caption or hashtags are performing better. A/B testing is a great way to analyze dead content in your blog and social posts.

Post a picture with 5 hashtags and then post another pic with another 5 hashtags, and see which content is getting better engagement. In this way, you can do A/B testing on social sites.

Well, You can also analyze different mediums by shorting the link using a Google URL shortener or Bilty to check which of your posts are performing better. Use an Instagram business account for Instagram to check the analytics data and a Facebook page for Facebook analytics data.

A/B testing helps you to find the dead content inside your social post and you can modify it to a better one. Well, you can also check these posts if you want any help in writing better captions and descriptions.



Here I have explained the 11 best ways to increase social media followers for free. If you don’t want to do all that for you just check out our services page and our team will do it for you. Social media is free but the best way to get your name and fame. Just make sure that you choose one topic and used all these 12 tips.

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